EC 420: Introduction to Econometric Methods. Specification, estimation, and interpretation of econometric models. Evaluation of current quantitative work in economics.

EC 491 (Advanced Topics in Economics): Energy Economics and Policy. This course explores the economics of energy production and consumption, as well as various government interventions in energy markets aimed at correcting market failures. Likely topics include: energy demand; major sources of energy supply; electricity; energy transportation and storage; energy spot and future markets; the economics of exhaustible resources; monopoly and antitrust; deregulation and restructuring in energy industries; energy tax policy; climate change and other environmental impacts of energy; command-and- control and market-based policies for managing environmental externalities; and energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

AFRE 829: Economics of Environmental Resources. Economic principles, theoretical models, and empirical methods related to environmental problems and policy interventions. Applications to air, land, water, forests, energy, fish and wildlife, and climate change, including in developing countries.